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Voice and Life Coaching

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More than 9 years I coach people in:
speech and vocal voice;
voice and hearing development;
oratory skills;
art of public speaking;
preparation for professional studio recording of songs (+ assistance during recording);

building self-confidence;
overcoming fears associated with singing and speaking;
emotional state stabilizing using voice; psychology of expression;
improving mutual understanding with others;
voice for pregnant women and mothers;

coach sessions (setting goals, determining priorities and values, planning);
psychological counselling on various topics.
I like to watch the change. After all, it is not only the voice that is changing, but also the manner of behavior, posture, worldview, perception of oneself and those around us.
People become more conscious. They realize that for a long time they thought they could not do something. Then at once they feel released, unnecessary frameworks and restrictions are removed... People reveal themselves in an atmosphere of complete acceptance which I create at training programs and individual lessons.
What is the difference between an individual lesson and a coach session?
Individual lessons
We meet 1-3 times a week. I select exercises and develop a course that meets your goals. Everything we'll do will be set to reach your full potential. On the lessons we'll do exercises together, I'll guide you and point out everything you need. After the lesson I'll send you a description of the exercises for self-study. Next time I check it and give new ones, or we can keep doing same ones if it will be difficult for you.
Usually some psychological questions arise. Then a lesson will be partly devoted to psychology of new voice development (for instance, fears and other emotions you meet while changing).
Coach sessions
We meet 1-3 times a week. During the session (a structured conversation in a special way), you'll move towards your goal and make a step-by-step plan for achieving it. You'll understand what you need to be as effective as possible. With the help of certain questions, I'll help you see your problem/goal from the other side. The periods between sessions are no less important than the coach sessions themselves. The session launches the mechanisms of change which are gradually gaining power in between.
— Do you only teach online?
— No. If you live in Kyiv, we can meet personally in my office. Otherwise we'll meet online.
— Is it possible to learn everything you teach by Skype?
— Sure. I have a lot of experience of teaching and counselling using Skype, Whatsup, Messenger and even mobile phone. The result is the same.

The only point is that for online speech and vocal lessons it's essential to have opportunity to make different sounds and not to be judged by others :)
— What time and week days can we meet?
— Usually it's Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday from 10 till 21 (UTC+2 Timezone).
1 lesson (55 minutes) — 1200 uah / $45 / 39€
8 lesson package (per month) — 7800 uah / $290 / 255€
12 lesson package (per month) — 10500 uah / $400 /354€
One click payment
Paying through this site includes payment service fee - 2.75%. If you transfer money from Ukraine, it can be done without the service fee using card number.
1200 uah
1 lesson

$45 / 40€
7800 uah
8 lesson package

$295 / 264€
10700 uah
12 lesson package

$405 / 363€
My team and I are happy to help you — call or email us!
My team and I are happy to help you — call or email us!

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